Lawn Weed Control

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Our weed control treatments are effective yet safe for pets and people.

Weeds do more harm than just making your lawn ugly. They rob valuable nutrients from your grass.

Throughout the year we inspect your lawn to identify weeds and then apply the correct treatment. The most common weeds in Georgia lawns are dandelions, clover, annual bluegrass (poa annua), crabgrass, dallisgrass, bahaiagrass, spurge, and chickweed, but there are many more.

Many weeds are annuals that can only reappear each year from seeds sown in the past. We control these with applications of pre-emergent herbicides that inhibit the growth of newly-sprouted weeds, but do not impede your lawn grass. By preventing this year’s annual weeds from growing then sowing seeds, we reduce next season’s weeds. No weeds, no seeds. No seeds, no weeds! After we’ve treated your lawn for several years, you’ll see very few weeds thereafter.

Perennial weeds won’t die in winter and we control these by carefully applying post-emergent herbicides that kill the weeds without any harm to desirable lawn grass. 

Weed control is an important part of our annual lawn service plan.

Weed Control in Landscape Beds

You can add an option to our standard lawn care service to have us also control any weeds growing in your landscape beds.

We take care when controlling weeds in landscape beds to make sure no harm is done to your flowers, shrubs and trees.