Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn core aeration extracts soil plugs that perforate your lawn with one-inch holes. These holes allow important nutrients, oxygen, and water to reach grass roots. Soon after, you’ll see your grass growing taller and healthier, because grass roots grow deeper when nutrients reach into the soil. Without aeration, soil remains so compacted your grass roots lack the nutrients they need.

Why Our Lawn Core Aeration Is Better

We use a “ride on” core aerator by Exmark, shown in the video you can play on this page, which works much better than any walk behind core aerator you can rent as a do it yourself. This massive machine is guaranteed to pull plugs as you have never seen before!

Lawn Aeration Cost

This additional service can be added to your lawn care program for an additional cost. Fill out our form to get a quote.

When Should Lawn Aeration Be Done?

Because Georgia lawns grow on dense clay soil, we strongly recommend your lawn be core aerated every year or every 2 years only if you have a built-in irrigation system.

When new homes are built in Georgia, builders often compact the soil when using heavy construction equipment. Builders also can install new sod on top of very poor soil or even rocks. When rocks heat up during summer’s 90-100 degree days, the hot rocks cause grass roots to burn in stressed and damaged turf, especially if you are not watering enough and your soil is compact.


We begin our core aeration every year in May for warm season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia, when the grass is actively growing. This is the absolute best time to have your warm season lawn core aerated for a number of reasons. One, the grass can heal and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed. Two, typically lawns are a little softer during this time of year, which allows us to pull much better plugs. Finally, crabgrass has already passed its germination period, so the holes from the core aeration will not be a bed for unwanted weeds.